Monday, June 8, 2015

WWDC15 Day 1

I am there without being there. The pictures are magnificent.  Brandon Moss gets some Apple swag. I am reviewing some of the new information and before you can say WWDC14, there is a Swift2. A second course on swift...iOS Development in Swift for the ITunes.

Metal for mac on OSX 10- graphics, layers, richer 3d worlds

Here are some updates on ios9:

  • extending batterry life, performance, security
  • Intelligence Siri, - Proactive, Context sensitive
  • Automatically put things in calendar
  • knows you listen to music while running
  • Suggestions about phone calls without number
  • Search improvements and a API for search - find content within app
  • Back link in search
  • Siri - remind you about this -"on a text message"
  • Pictures - bar at bottom scroll thru pictures
  • Privacy - on device, not shared with 3rd parties
  • Apple Pay - Jennifer Bailey - Trader Joes Dunkin Donuts, JCPenny, working with Square, new apps with apple pay, working with pinterest

Houston paper "A key feature is the ability to run multiple apps side by side. It’s already possible to run multiple apps, but you see one at a time and have to keep switching. Now you can be browsing in Safari and slide in a second app such as Mail or Calendar from the right side. There’s also a split-screen view similar to what’s coming to the new Mac operating system this fall."

Apple want's its own high speed network

Rumors have tagged Apple's streaming service as a $10-per-month, paid-only subscription, although with a lengthy three-month-long free trial. Morris backed that up.

WatchOS 2

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