Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mac Basics

The course mentioned at WWDC 2015 was iOS Development in Swift by Plymouth University.

First time mac user tips Part 1

  • Minimize 
  • Maximize - hold down alt press the +, or just press it and it goes in full screen mode
  • Hide - Cmd H
Part 2
Finder - menu  at top for currently selected window

Finding applications - Finder

    -> Utilities
Cmd up arrow go back up in menu directories


There is search box.

Within launchpad:
  • cmd shift - A  - applications folder
  • Cmd shift  H-  Home folder
  • Cmd shift - W - dismiss window 
  • Cmd -space - spotlight search
Xcode shortcuts ( cmd , alt alternative functions, control less used)
page down cmd arrow down
page up cmd arrow up
copy cmd c
paste cmd v
cut cmd x
undo cmd z

function keys debugging
breakpoint in code
f6 step over,  if doesnt work use fn key along with key

apple menu at top - system preferences - keyboard
checkbox to not need fn button

app preferences
xcode -> preferences

simulator - cmd left arrow rotate it, see menus for simulator for more, can reset contents and get default state

multiple desktops
i.e. see documentation
applications folder -> mission control, can click plus and add additional ones
move simulator different desktops
ctrl Rt Arrow or ctrl Lft Arrow switch desktops
System preferences + hot corners

copy folder into  unix terminal

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