Saturday, June 20, 2015

Apple Readings June 20th edition

From Apple via  ITunes U, there now exists a web site on Git Hub with course materials on teaching Swift.

Here is s sample from website

An Introduction to Protocol Extensions blog post

Some commentary on Swift 2 error handling

I just upgraded to El Capitan . Here is what i can look out for.

Based on this article,  looks like iBeacons jumped the shark.

A developer blog with 18 articles so far on Swift.

XCODE7 Beta  a first of its kind allowing you to develop without the price tag :

Until the new beta came out, Apple required developers to pay to become members of Apple's Developer Program before apps could be distributed beyond the developer's local machine, or tested on physical iOS devices -- a local iOS emulator for the Mac was always available, and could be used to test apps without a developer account. While the cost was modest at $99 per year, some developers -- including those who intended to build free apps, those who were new to the process, and students or impoverished potential developers -- often balked at the cost.

The "Best of" Swift2

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