Sunday, June 14, 2015

Learning Swift From Scratch

I am starting my journey with Swift programming. Although, over the past few years I have dabbled a little with objective C programming and iOS. Just recently, I came across a university taught course on Mobile programming with Swift.

This course starts out with a reading assignment - Apple's Introduction to Swift.  Before I get started, I want to touch on that I am in Apple's developer program.  This now includes resources for Mac OSX, iOS, and WatchOS.  I am going to upgrade to latest version of Xcode before i get started. On the downloads page I can find they have Xcode 7 beta available which I will try out. They talk about the features including Interface Builder on the Xcode page. As well, the Swift now is at version 2.

Apple in 2004 released a book on Swift Programming Language. One more resource I came across is free book on basics from ibooks store from apple. The corresponding web site is . Lastly, an ebook on Swift you can buy.

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